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HPOA Annual Meeting was held the second Saturday of July at the American Legion at 10:00 AM.  This year July 10, 2021. All members were welcomed.  Lunch was catered and deserts were brought by members.

Voting for 2 board positions was held at the annual meeting. Those running are listed in alphabetical order. Members could choose 2 names of those running:

Carol Cherry

Joni Davis, Incumbent 

Russ Davis

Frank Niemiec  WITHDREW

Richard Sliger

Note: Carol Cherry and Joni Davis received the majority of votes and are now the newly elected board members.

There was 3 amendments on the ballot for a "yes" or "no" vote. Justification as follows:

Note: All three amendments passed with a majority of votes.

1. Reduction of cost by consolidating annual dues and amenities. This will consolidate dues, garbage and amenity fees to form a single payment of $300 annually to all owners as opposed to the current cost of $360 for residents. Fees on extra lots will be lowered from $36 to $25 each in excess of 4 lots. This will save $11 per lot to members affected. These changes will allow extra funding to provide added dumpsters and less need for paid monitors of the garbage area. This additional funding may also be used to provide gates and pass cards/key pads access. Upon passing this consolidation, Harbor Point will be able to devise a system whereupon persons with hardship(s) may elect to have their trash picked up weekly for a nominal fee. 

2. Fines - Due to problems with loose dogs, excessive debris on property and other subdivision restriction violations, the governing board needs the authority to impose fines without  wasting money on court case filing. These court case filings may not be necessary in all cases. Fines of not less than $10 and no more than $100 per violation will only be imposed after the violator has been notified according to Texas Property Code.

3. Due to the 2008 grandfather clause, the dues and assessments have been inequitable and discriminatory towards all new members since 2008. A yes vote will give all members equality and nondiscriminatory monetary status.

*Each property owner gets 1 vote regardless of the number of lots they own. You must be present to vote.


The HPOA Newsletter is published twice a year to coincide with your billing statements. They are sent in March and September. If you would like to have something included in the newsletter, please submit it to the office by the end of February or August.


Regular Board Meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the office building unless otherwise posted. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.


On December 18, 2018, the Board of Directors approved and passed a new "Nuisance Dog Policy" that will replace the old Dog Policy.  The language is more specific on the behavior of the dogs and their owners rather than the breed. Basically, all dogs shall be restrained to their respective properties at all times, except when walking or transporting dogs and then they must be on a leash.  You can find this new policy under "Forms."